Sheetz Sandwiches Menu With Prices [Updated 2024]

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Sheetz Sandwiches Menu With Prices

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So Whether you’re looking For a quick bite to eat or a satisfying meal, Sheetz has the perfect sandwich for You.

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Sheetz Sandwich Menu With Prices 2024

The Sheetz sandwich menu Features a wide variety of sandwiches to choose from, including breakfast sandwiches, hot subs, melts, deli sandwiches, and chicken sandwiches.

Here are some of the most Popular Sheetz sandwiches:

 Sheetz Ultimate BLT

Sheetz Ultimate BLT
Ultimate BLT Half Size$3.15
Ultimate BLT Full Size$5.30

It is the Very Best. The BLT sandwich is a traditional one that Consists of crisp bacon, lettuce, tomato, and mayo.

The tasty sandwich is a well-liked option at Sheetz, and it is simple to understand why.

A beautiful and delicious dish is created by the combination of bacon, salt, fresh lettuce, tomatoes, and creamy mayo.

Sheetz Ultimate BLT Nutrition Information
Saturated fat10g

 Sheetz Chicken Club

Sheetz Chicken Club
Chicken Club Half Size$5.49
Chicken Club Full Size$7.99

A tasty sandwich prepared with bacon, lettuce, tomato, mayo, and grilled chicken.

For those looking for a Filling and delectable meal, Sheetz’s Chicken Club sandwich is a terrific option.

With cooked chicken, crispy bacon, tomatoes, lettuce, and mayonnaise, it is a tried-and-true classic dish.

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Sheetz Chicken Club Nutrition Information
Total Fat21g
Saturated Fat7g

 Sheetz Italian

Sheetz Italian
Italian Half Size$6.99
Italian Full Size$9.99

A delectable combination of pepperoni, ham salami, provolone cheese, salami tomatoes, lettuce, onion, and Italian dressing make up the Italian sandwich sold at Sheetz.

It’s a Filling sandwich that tastes fantastic and is perfect for lunch or dinner.

Sheetz Italian Nutrition Information
Total Fat32 g
Saturated Fat10 g
Cholesterol85 mg
Sodium1,200 mg
Carbohydrates65 g
Sugars7 g
Protein23 g

 Sheetz Classic Reuben

Sheetz Classic Reuben
Classic Reuben Half Size$6.99
Classic Reuben Full Size$9.99

The well-known Sheetz sandwich known as a “Classic Reuben” is composed of rye bread, Swiss cheese, sauerkraut, corned brisket, and Thousand Island dressing.

You will want more of this sandwich since it is the ideal fusion of sweet and sweet flavors.

Sheetz Classic Reuben Nutrition Information
Total Fat16g
Saturated Fat5g
Total Carbohydrates52g

 Sheetz Turkey Ranch

Sheetz Turkey Ranch
Turkey Ranch Half Size$4.79
Turkey Ranch Full Size$6.99

A tasty Sheetz sandwich that is great for dinner or lunch is the turkey ranch.

It is created with bacon-wrapped turkey pieces, ranch salad dressing, and tomatoes. This sandwich is a tasty and healthy Option.

Sheetz Turkey Ranch Nutrition Information
Total Fat18g
Saturated Fat8g
Total Carbohydrates51g
Dietary Fiber2g

Popular Sheetz Sandwiches

In addition to the sandwiches mentioned above, here are some other popular Sheetz sandwiches:

 Breakfast sandwiches

Breakfast sandwiches

Sheetz offers a variety of Breakfast sandwiches to start your day off right.

Choose from classic favorites like the Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Biscuit or the Sausage, Egg, and Cheese Biscuit, Or try something new like the Chicken Biscuit or the Breakfast Burrito.

 Mex American sandwiches

Mex American sandwiches

The Sheetz Mex American sandwiches menu Features a variety of Mexican-inspired Sandwiches, including the Crunchwrap Supreme, the Quesadilla Melt, and the Chicken Burrito.

These sandwiches will satisfy Your hunger For Mexican food because they are crafted with high-quality ingredients and tasty sauces.



Sheetz Melts are grilled sandwiches made with Your choice of bread, cheese, and toppings.

Some Popular options include the Grilled Cheese Melt, the Philly Cheesesteak Melt and the Monte Cristo Melt. Melts are a great Option For a quick and Satisfying meal.

 Recipe Deli sandwiches

Recipe Deli sandwiches

The Sheetz Recipe Deli sandwiches menu features a variety of sandwiches made with fresh ingredients and signature sauces.

Some popular options include the Chicken Philly, the Italian Hoagie, and the Roast Beef and Cheddar.

The sandwiches are available in half or full size and can be customized with Your choice of bread and toppings.

 Chicken sandwiches

Chicken sandwiches

The Grilled Chicken Sandwich, Crispy Chicken Sandwich, and Chicken Tender Sub are just a few of the chicken sandwiches available at Sheetz.

The sandwiches are made with fresh, never frozen chicken and are served on toasted buns.

Sheetz Other Sandwiches

Other sandwiches that Sheetz sells include grilled cheese, hoagies, subs, sliders, and snack wraps.

For a simple and fast supper, these sandwiches are ideal.

Does Sheetz have a club sandwich?

The Sheetz Chicken Club sandwich is a great choice For individuals seeking a Satisfying and delicious supper.

With cooked chicken, Crispy bacon, tomatoes, lettuce and mayonnaise, it is a tried-and-true classic dish.

The calorie count for The Chicken Club is 500.

What makes Sheetz sandwiches so special?

First, they are made with fresh ingredients. Sheetz uses only the highest quality meats, cheeses, and vegetables in its sandwiches.

Second, the sandwiches are made to order. This means that your sandwich is not sitting under a heat lamp waiting to be served.

It is made fresh when you order it, so you know that it will be delicious and hot.

Third, Sheetz offers a wide variety of sandwiches to choose from.

Whether you are in the mood for a classic grilled cheese or a more unique flavor combination, Sheetz has a sandwich for you.

How to Order Sheetz Sandwiches

You can order Sheetz sandwiches in a few different ways:

In store:

You can order sandwiches at any Sheetz location. Just tell the cashier what you want and they will make it for you.


You can also order sandwiches online at Just select the sandwich you want and add it to your cart.

You can then choose to pick it up in store or have it delivered.

Sheetz Hours

MondayOpen 24 Hours
TuesdayOpen 24 Hours
WednesdayOpen 24 Hours
ThursdayOpen 24 Hours
FridayOpen 24 Hours
SaturdayOpen 24 Hours
SundayOpen 24 Hours

Sheetz Contact Information

1. Sheetz Corporate Office Address: 5700 6th Ave, Altoona, Pennsylvania 16602

2. Sheetz Corporate Phone Number: (814) 946-5106


This Article has helped You learn More About the Sheetz sandwiches Menu.

You may choose From a large selection of sandwiches at Sheetz, so you’re likely to Find one you’ll enjoy.

Whether you’re looking for a classic sandwich like the Ultimate BLT or something more unique like the Chicken Club Sheetz has you covered.

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Sheetz Sandwiches Menu – FAQ

What are the most popular Sheetz sandwiches?

The most popular Sheetz sandwiches are the Ultimate BLT, the Chicken Club, the Italian, the Classic Reuben, and the Turkey Ranch.

How much does a Sheetz sandwich cost?

The price of a Sheetz sandwich varies depending on the type of sandwich and the size.

Can I customize my Sheetz sandwich?

Yes, you can customize your Sheetz sandwich by adding or removing ingredients. For example, you can add bacon, sausage, or avocado for an additional charge.

How can I order a Sheetz sandwich?

You can order a Sheetz sandwich in-store, online, or through the Sheetz app.

What are the hours of operation for Sheetz?

Sheetz is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

What are the nutrition facts for a Sheetz sandwich?

The nutrition facts for a Sheetz sandwich vary depending on the type of sandwich and the size. You can find the nutrition facts for each sandwich on the Sheetz website.

Are Sheetz sandwiches vegetarian or vegan?

Some Sheetz sandwiches are vegetarian or vegan. You can find a list of vegetarian and vegan sandwiches on the Sheetz website.

Are Sheetz sandwiches gluten-free?

Some Sheetz sandwiches are gluten-free. You can find a list of gluten-free sandwiches on the Sheetz website.

What are the best deals on Sheetz sandwiches?

Sheetz often has specials on sandwiches. You can find the latest specials on the Sheetz website or app.

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